11 Must Know Tips For Your LinkedIn Profile

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Is LinkedIn just another one of those social networks that wastes your time and gives nothing in return?

Is LinkedIn working for you or is it just another time thief?

Is it helping you grow your network? Getting You A New Job? Finding You More Leads?

As a LinkedIn coach and trainer myself, all too often, the most frequent answer I hear is a resounding “No”.

“I set up my account on LinkedIn, made some connections, joined some groups and then nothing” What a waste of time.” Or, perhaps even worse…”No, I don’t have a LinkedIn profile….don’t need one….it wouldn’t work in my industry.”

Marketing 101 – Have a plan. Develop a strategy. LinkedIn is just a tool. And using LinkedIn as a marketing tool is no different than any other…YOGOWYPI…that’s right….YOGOWYPI….You Only Get Out What You Put In. End of Post. Just kidding.

LinkedIn is a tool that is primarily about attraction based marketing.

It can be a great tool to help you…certainly not the be all and end all, but an effective tool. However, as with any tool, to get the best results you must put a little time and effort into learning how to use it properly, especially at the beginning.

OK. So it is an attraction based marketing tool, which means we have to attract, and designing your headline properly and using the right Photo are critical pieces of this attraction process.

Here is an example that could perhaps use a different photo and headline. Although the headline does indicate quite clearly the services provided by this person.

Here's Johnny








So what does make a good photo for your LinkedIn profile?

Well, let’s start with what you shouldn’t do…and yes, they may seem obvious…but I have seen examples of all of them on LinkedIn profiles.

Here, in no particular order are some of the most common mistakes people make with their photos. Avoid these and you will be ahead of the game.

  • Picture is grainy, pixelated, out of focus
  • Poor lighting – either too much or too little
  • Inappropriate for your industry – might not want to wear shorts and baseball cap if you are in the banking industry…I’m just sayin
  • Picture is black and white for no apparent reason
  • Image is boring, or too flashy or crazy – probably shouldn’t show you holding a beer at an office party
  • No picture at all – what are you thinking? Why are you even on Linkedin?
  • And my all time favourite – picture was taken 20 years ago – do I need to say anything on this one?

Your photo should be a professional head and shoulder shot that is representative of how you want people to see you.

Here is mine.

Steve's Linkedin Profile







The headline is the 120 characters that appear directly to the right of your profile photo.

That’s right folks…only 120 characters….20 less than a Tweet! …take your time, use them and craft your very best headline.

This is your great opportunity – your chance to create your branding statement – tell everyone what you do – explain how you can help – in 120 characters or less.

As we did with the photo here are some things to avoid in your headline.

  • Avoid cheesy or self serving (social media superstar)
  • Avoid confusing words and titles that nobody outside of your industry would understand
  • Try not to be boring – after all this is supposed to be a HEADLINE!
  • Don’t appear too desperate (unemployed – seeking new opportunities)


The words used in your headline are “searchable” within LinkedIn. So, doesn’t it make sense that you should use words (KEYWORDS), that when searched in LinkedIn would provide your profile (headline) as one of those search results. Remember, it is about getting found…attraction based marketing. Here is mine….not perfect…but representative of who I am to those on LinkedIn.

Internet Marketing & Social Media Consultant | Speaker | SEO Sensei | Blogger | Trainer & Workshop Leader

With this headline – when someone is searching for a person with my skills I will have a better opportunity of getting found. Not guaranteed. But a  better chance.

Another important factor when it comes to your headline is that it follows you, along with your photo, throughout LinkedIn. So make it stand out and always be professional.

Here are examples I found of some good profile photo and headlines…at least in my opinion….and my opinion is very important when it comes to my blog posts. 🙂

Linkedin Profile Example 2






Having success on LinkedIn is not just having a good, professional photo and a well crafted headline. But it is a great start.

Please let me know your thoughts. Have you found any examples of good, or bad, profiles you have found on LinkedIn? Please share them. And, if you have any questions about your profile, let me know, and I will try my best to help.


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