16 Tips To Grow Your Twitter Following

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Tips for growing your following

Is your marketing on Twitter stalled? Are you having trouble growing your following? Are you almost ready to give up and write off Twitter as just another social media time waster?

Well, stick around, and before you write it off completely let’s review a few ideas that may just help get your Twitter following growing again. And, who knows, maybe even take your Twitter marketing results to a whole new level.

So, let’s cover the basics first…like your profile.


Your bio is key when it comes to your Twitter profile and you only have 160 characters to tell the world all about yourself. Does anyone else think it is strange that you get 160 characters, when you only get 140 for a tweet?

Anyway, I digress. Make sure to pay special attention to the “Bio” since it will show up when people search for your name online. In other words, your Twitter profile will be one of the most visible descriptions of you on the Internet.

So no worries, not much pressure. 🙂

google result example

When reviewing your bio make sure to include as much of the following as possible….

  • Make sure it is accurate. Tell the world what you really do and who you are.
  • Include a legitimate headshot. Not a logo and definitely not the egg.
  • Try to add some pizzazz. Boring is not good on Twitter. Show some personality.
  • Write it in a way to attract the audience you are trying to connect with. Use keywords that will help them find you.
  • Use hashtags, like #Blogger, or #Speaker, if that is what you do.
  • Use @ if you want to connect to other users or a company.

And because the bio limits you to just 160 characters, people and companies often use the background image to share additional contact information and other relevant items that you want to share.


Ok. So now your bio is awesome, it is time to let the world know you are on Twitter.

First, send out an email to all of your contacts with your Twitter @ handle and ask them to follow you…tell them how much they will be missing if they don’t follow you. :-)

It doesn’t hurt to brag a little…after all you are awesome and your tweets will be valuable and memorable, right?

Also, make it easy for people to find you. Make sure your Twitter handle is everywhere…

  • On your business card
  • In your email signature
  • On all your PowerPoint presentations (if you do any)
  • Any videos you create
  • On your website
  • List it on your other social channels like LinkedIn and Facebook

If one of your goals is to grow your local following then the advanced search on Twitter can be a great help. For example just type “near:(name of city) within:10mi” and you will get a list of Twitter users within 10 miles of that city.


  • Make sure you tweet when your followers are online. A great free tool for helping with this is Tweriod,
  • Funny and witty tweets usually get re-tweeted well.
  • Write something uplifting, encouraging, or motivational. These tend to get re-tweeted as well.
  • Write great headlines in your Tweets and include images when possible – you want to get noticed and creative tweets will make folks want to follow you.
  • And above all….find your voice….don’t try to be someone else…be authentic.


Social Media is all about engagement. You must engage with people to build your audience.

  • Follow people that seem interesting – perhaps you share common interests
  • ReTweet one of their tweets, favourite a tweet or @ mention them in one of your tweets.
  • Thank them for following you
  • Follow friends of friends
  • Look at the “following” list of people. Figure out who you want to follow you back and follow them.

And don’t forget to check out Twitter’s suggestions of Who To Follow.

Twitter Example

This kind of engagement is what will get you noticed.

Search for experts in your niche using keywords and #hashtags…scroll through them and follow those you want to follow you back.

And once you connect with someone don’t just reply and let that end. Keep the conversation going as much as possible.

Over the course of a week, try complimenting 10 to 15 people whom you follow but don’t follow you back and see what happens. Compliment their insight, courage, wit, or sense of humour. Obviously, they have to display these traits in order to comment on them. :-)

Once you follow someone new, be sure to browse his or her tweets in order to find a tweet that you can respond to. Engage. Engage. Did I mention that engagement was important?


One of the critical tasks you must perform on a regular basis is to un-follow people who haven’t followed you back. Once your list is cleaned up, you’ll be able to follow a whole new selection of Twitter users, and – if you choose carefully – most of them should follow you back! There are a number of tools that can help you with this, personally I use Twitonomy.

Signing up for twitter directories such as – TwelloWefollow, or TweetFind will also help you to get found.

Once your followers start appreciating your posts, the more likely they’ll be to retweet them and the larger your follower number will grow. Also remember that people can choose to un-follow you just as easily. Keep your tweets compelling and participate regularly with other Twitter conversations when appropriate.

But remember, as we have discussed many times before…have a plan…know why you are on Twitter…why are you trying to grow your following in the first place?

Then align your follower-gaining tactics with those goals.

In summary, optimize that bio, make sure your @Twitter handle is visible everywhere, find your own voice, engage with your followers and have a plan.

Hope that helps. Now grow that following. Until next time.


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