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Design for Delight

Yesterday at our office was a great day. I was reminded once again just how much your team can help, and how much they want to help, if you involve them in the process.

Last month at the initial QuickBooks Connect Global Conference we were introduced to a new way of problem solving, Intuit call it “Design for Delight” and it is a very effective way of getting everyone on your team involved in helping to move your business forward.

The goal for our brainstorming session was to identify some of the common pain points our clients share and then to identify ways we can help to solve them. And, we all know if you can help to solve your client’s problems, success in your own business will be a natural end result.

Our meeting facilitator was my wife and business partner, Juliet Aurora. (She had participated in only one session of the Design for Delight methodology previously and did a great job leading our session). In addition to your team all you need for the meeting are a blank wall or large whiteboard, multi-coloured markers, different coloured post-it notes about 3 x 3, an open mind and you are ready to go. IMPORTANT NOTE: The open mind is the most important component.

Step 1

Have everyone identify known client pain points and write them down on one or two colours of post-it-notes and stick them on the board or wall- key is you must have your frontline staff involved – those that deal with your clients on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter if a pain point is repeated by more than one person. The important thing is to get everyone contributing and writing it down unfiltered as they think of it. Have a couple of leading questions that you’ve thought of in advance that may help them to view this from the client’s perspective.

Step 2

Sort all of the post it notes into similar categories or themes, by moving them around on the wall. Involve one or two of your team members to help you move them around, and have your team direct you on how to group them. Again, team involvement is key to this process.

Step 3

Once you’ve got your categories of pain points, the next step is to find solutions for them. Choose a different colour post-it-note for the solutions. Again, the idea is brainstorming and everyone should be involved in writing down solutions. You are looking for ideas as to how your business can address and/or solve some of these pain points, or even who you could refer them to in your network that could solve them. It is easiest if you are addressing each section one at a time.

Once you’ve gone through each of the categories, take a step back. You should now have in front of you a detailed well-lit path to helping your clients.

Step 4

As Tony Robbins said “Knowledge isn’t Power, Action is Power” so use the knowledge you have gained to take action. Choose some key clients and reach out to them to see if they would find some of these solutions helpful for them, before you try rolling them out to everyone.

One additional, but very important, thing we also did was invite our business coach – Dan Holstein from Action Coach – to participate with us. Think about whom you could invite as an independent objective person to participate and contribute – people whose opinion you value and trust.

It was our first attempt at this Design for Delight session, and it was interesting to watch the dynamic and enthusiasm of the team. Although it is still early in our process, I expect that as our team returns to their day-to-day work, they will also be thinking about the pain points of our clients and how we can add value and provide solutions to their businesses.

And after all, isn’t that why we are in business? To help fill a need for someone else?

I would love to hear how you innovate new ideas in your business. And thank you to Intuit for sharing such a great idea!


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