5 Reasons You Should Add media to your LinkedIn profile

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Are you happy with your current LinkedIn profile? How would you rate it? Does it stand out from the crowd? Does it represent you as well as you would like it too? Adding media such as video, audio, images and slide-decks is an easy and effective way of pumping up your current profile.

Here are the five key reasons why you should incorporate media into your LinkedIn profile:

  • It helps differentiate your profile and makes it stand out from the crowd.
  • It increases engagement as readers stay longer on your profile and in the process get to know you better and imagine how you could fit into a role they are seeking to fill.
  • It lets you showcase some of your creativity
  • It can be very helpful in presenting your personality to potential connections
  • It allows you to present your brand, your products and services in different formats, not just the written word. It is important to always remember that we do not all like to consume our content in the same manner so different types of media will help you reach and engage with a larger audience.

Think of media on your profile as a means of telling your story more effectively and from different perspectives. It lets you explain yourself and your accomplishments in a way that can be much more effective than just words. You don’t have to describe what you accomplished: you can show it or say it.

Despite the obvious benefits, more than 60 percent of LinkedIn profiles don’t take advantage of adding media.

You may think that you only need media if you are an artist or designer, eager to profile your gallery of work in a visual way. But in fact, every professional has work that should be presented creatively, whether you are a dentist, an accountant, or a landscape architect.

Types Of Media Should You Add

What kinds of media should you add to your profile?

Like every other bit of content that you include in your profile, your media attachments should be in line with the strategy of your brand and the goals you have set out for yourself on LinkedIn.

If you have a personal blog, for example, and it is part of your strategy to establish yourself as an authority, it should be added to your profile. If you have pictures that tell the story of your accomplishments, slide presentations you have created to express your unique work, or pdf files that can be downloaded to illustrate your depth of knowledge on a subject, add them.

Include your YouTube videos or links to magazine or online articles in which you are mentioned.

Were you honored in your industry for an outstanding performance or the creation of a unique and effective solution to a problem? Link to a video of you receiving your award.

If you are an academic and your research or white paper has been published in peer-reviewed academic journals, be sure to link your profile to that article.

If you are in business and your strategy is to use your LinkedIn profile to gain new connections who will ultimately turn into clients, add slide presentations or videos that show the products or services you offer. Include video testimonials from customers or, if you are a consultant, case studies from clients whose problems have been solved with your assistance.

To grow your own email list, why not link your profile with an avenue to have readers sign up to receive your weekly newsletters or white papers or eBooks? This can easily be added to your summary section.

If you are seeking to land a new job and your profile has been strategically written to that end, be sure to link to a copy of your latest resume. Your resume can be provided in the usual written form, but sometimes a more creative approach such as a video can help you stand out from the pack.

How To Add Media To Your Profile

If you know why you should add media to your profile and the kinds of media that are appropriate to include, the last issue is how to add it. Simply go to your LinkedIn profile and click on “Profile” in the menu at the top. Select “Edit Profile.”

In three sections of your profile, Summary, Experience and Education, you will see a little icon that looks like a square containing a (+) symbol. Click on that and you are given two choices; “Upload File” or “Add Link.” Click on Upload File if you are adding a file from your computer or Add Link if you want to link to a video on YouTube, for example, or to your e-book as a PDF.

Suppose you place media in one section and then decide it would actually fit better in another. You can move it by clicking “Move this media to” in the drop-down menu. If you want to move one piece of media ahead of another, you can do that as well by clicking and dragging them to the spot you prefer.

If you add a video but after a few months you want to change your strategy and no longer want to link to it, or you want to delete a picture from your site, just scroll to it and click the icon that looks like a pencil in the lower right corner. Click “Remove This Media” and when it asks you again, click “Yes, remove it.”

Whether adding or deleting media, at the end of the process always be sure to click “Save.” 🙂

Keep in the mind that there are some limits to the size and sources from which you can download media to your LinkedIn profile. Some of the approved sites are YouTube, Pinterest, SlideShare, TED and Twitter. You can add videos from sources such as YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, UStream and Brightcove. At this time files cannot be larger than 100 MB.

Once the link has been added, you can edit the title field and description. Add a catchy title and be sure in the description to include some call to action.

Final Thoughts

It’s a good idea to vary your visual media to appeal to the widest range of readers. You should include an assortment of photos, video and slide-deck presentations. Just as you should change your content regularly, so should your visual media change. Perhaps, there are times when it is appropriate to upload an audio file so your audience gets an opportunity to hear you speak.

You should also be conscious about how the media you add will be displayed in a certain order. For example, within the Summary portion of your LinkedIn profile, you can add 10 media entries and they will be shown as a layered brick display. It is important to prioritize your media links so that the most important one is on the top. Initially, only the first five will be displayed so be sure they are the ones you want to feature most prominently.

Remember that your content and all your media links are reflections of you and your company so ensure that your selection is an effective and strategic choice.

I wish you continued success. Until next time.


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