5 Useful Tools For Finding Your Content

Tools for Finding Content

Content, content everywhere…..but where the heck do I find ideas for me?

Disclaimer. I am about to make a huge understatement. Content is important to your online marketing. Smiley Face I wasn’t kidding was I?

Today, how well you and your business do online is almost definitely dependent upon how well you find, curate and create content that is of value to your target audience. Period.

So, in this post I thought I would share some of the tools that are available to help you find that all important content.

Feedly – Feedly is an incredible tool that allows you to browse and share content from your favorite news sites, feeds, blogs and YouTube channels. You simply begin by choosing a topic you are interested in and Feedly will list all the blogs that write about that chosen area. And then with one click you can add the blog to your Feedly reading list. If you have different areas of interest you can easily create categories and add blogs into each category. Once finished you can then scroll quickly and easily through each category looking for content to share, or ideas to create your own. And of course there are mobile apps as well so you can use Feedly whenever and wherever you are. And, best of all it’s free.

Clipzine – Although not as well known as some others Clipzine is another great source for finding content and content ideas in an easy to use format. You simply search for a topic that interests you or click on one of the main categories such as Cooking and Food, Business or Entertainment. You can also setup your own account and customize the information that comes to you. And, as with Feedly, it is a free service.

Buffer – Buffer describes itself as “a new and smarter way to share what you want to share on Social Media. People have called it great names before, like your Social Media Assistant or the Siri of Social Media.” Buffer not only allows you to find content from your favourite blogs but then also makes it easy to share that content through your social media channels. And even more than that it allows you to pre-schedule the day and time your content will be posted through your social media channel. Think of it like a giant bucket that you can fill with content that you want to share with your target audience. This content will then get shared through the channel you choose – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ – at the time you set for it to be posted. Awesome tool. There are several plans available including a free “individual” plan as well as more powerful plans for business.

Google Alerts – Google Alerts are truly one of many under-utilized Google gems. It’s a really powerful tool to keep track of trends, interesting topics, or anything really new that appears on the web. You can get email notifications any time that Google finds new results on a topic you’re interested in. For example, you could get updates about a new product you like, find out when people post content about you on the web, or keep up with news stories. You can even use it to find new job postings or to locate coupons for discount codes. The alerts arrive into your email inbox almost instantly.

Scoop.it – Scoop.it is another great tool for finding and curating content. When you setup your account you create boards around specific topics of interest, and on those boards you add links to content you find relevant to those topics. You can also follow the boards of others who are actively finding content that could be relevant to your interests. The trick here is to find good curators of relevant content. Why search through all the content when other people are actively curating it for you?

Although this is far from being a complete list starting here you should be able to find everything, in fact more than everything, you will need to locate ideas  to share and develop your own content.

What tools do you use now? Which do you like that I missed here? I would love to hear from you.



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