• Do You Want To Start Up A Blog and Don’t Know Where To Begin?
  • Are You Already Blogging But Are Not Getting The Results You Expected?
  • Are You Having Trouble Finding Time To Write Your Blog Posts Consistently?
  • Is Finding Great Content Ideas Taking Up Too Much Of Your Time?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then let’s talk. Contact us now for a free no obligation consultation.

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After our training and coaching you will come away with the knowledge and tools to implement an immediate action plan to begin taking advantage of the powerful world of Blogging and Content Marketing to help increase your success online.

We will teach you the following:

  • The reasons why most blogs fail and how to avoid the same mistakes
  • Where to find a never ending supply of ideas for your blogging content
  • Proven methods for storing your ideas so you never lose them
  • The “Blogging Success Formula” used by the world’s most successful blogs
  • How To develop a blogging content plan and editorial calendar
  • How often to blog and what are the best topics for your audience
  • Tips and Tricks To Write Eye-Catching Headlines
  • The best ways to promote your blog

Contact us now for a free no obligation consultation. Call 905 333 9637 or email to steve at steveloates dot com

blogContent is King! Context is Queen! Content, content, content! In order to succeed online today you must produce unique, valuable, interesting and most importantly entertaining content that has context for your target audience. And what is the easiest method for creating and sharing this content? A blog. But wait. If you are not a blogger, don’t have time to write and you have no idea what to write about then we can help you.

Steve Loates, a blogger himself, will show you how to setup a blog, how to make the discipline to write and how to find ideas for content in just minutes and how to make sure you get the maximum benefit from the content you produce.

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“The blogging workshop was very effective in explaining many aspects of building a successful blog including where to find content. Overall it was very valuable.”

CC, KI, BM – Everik International

“Steve is a highly energetic and qualified professional with experience in all aspects of marketing strategies including media and blog training. Steve truly has a strong sense of honesty and he will guide you and your business in the right direction.”

RH – Hodgson, Stevenson & Associates Inc.