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How To Be Awesome and Stop Paying Lip Service To Social Media

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Stop Doing ThisCan you imagine if your dentist or optometrist decided that they were going to change the way they handled their telephone?

They would use it to have their receptionist call to remind you when it was time for your check-up, but if you wanted to actually book your appointment, you would have to write back to them.

How frustrated would you feel if they had the audacity to call you to drum up new business, but when you wanted to respond, you had to use a different, slower, perhaps more inconvenient  method of communication? Read More

Stop Wasting Time. Find The Best Social Media Channel For Your Business

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ollection of popular social media logos printed on paper:facebook, twitter, google plus, instagram, skype, pinterest and blogger on old wooden background Stop reading this post right now if you are still at the point of trying to determine whether or not there is any value in making social media part of your marketing mix.

If you don’t see any value in social media then this article is not for you. In all honesty you may be in need of a little therapy more than you need to read this article…but that is probably a discussion for another day. 🙂

As a social media and digital marketing consultant, one of the most common questions I am asked by businesses and professional people is “what social media sites should I be on?” Read More

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4 Steps To Helping Your Business Grow

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Design for Delight

Yesterday at our office was a great day. I was reminded once again just how much your team can help, and how much they want to help, if you involve them in the process.

Last month at the initial QuickBooks Connect Global Conference we were introduced to a new way of problem solving, Intuit call it “Design for Delight” and it is a very effective way of getting everyone on your team involved in helping to move your business forward.

The goal for our brainstorming session was to identify some of the common pain points our clients share and then to identify ways we can help to solve them. And, we all know if you can help to solve your client’s problems, success in your own business will be a natural end result. Read More