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Yoda and The Force

How Yoda and the Force might do B2B social media lead generation

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Are you a B2B (business to business) company using social media to help with your marketing and business development? If so, are you happy with the results? If not, then why not?

Much of the material written about using social media for business tends to focus on the business trying to sell a product or service to a consumer.

But social media is also a very effective business development tool for businesses trying to sell their products or services to other businesses. Read More

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Would You Like LinkedIn To Send You New Leads….Every Week?

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Would you like LinkedIn to send new leads right to your inbox, every week? Of course you would. What a crazy statement. Who wouldn’t?
All of us, or at least most of us, want to have more leads. But all too often it can be the weakest link in our marketing  or sales process. It requires too much time, either networking or cold calling or attending trade-shows…and it can also be very frustrating as you try to find those rare qualified prospects. So, whenever we find a tool that can make us more efficient and save us time with our prospecting we really should have a close look at it.

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email marketing

Why You Should Forget Social and Build Your Email List

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Is email marketing really dead?

Today, in the world of digital marketing all of the buzz seems to be around social media and SEO and content and mobile.
How do we choose the right social media channel? A topic I addressed in a recent post here. Where can I find the best content for my audience? Do I need a mobile website? How do I build my Twitter following? etc., etc. These are all valid questions, but are we asking the right questions about the right marketing tool? Read More

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How To Choose The Best Social Media Channel For Your Business

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Marketing your business on Social Media can be overwhelming, sometimes, even for those of us familiar with it. So many choices…where do you begin?
Everyone has an opinion and advice, and most offer it up with the best of intentions (often without being asked 🙂 ). Your friends, your family have all told you that you need to get your business onto social media. It is the best way to build your business. It’s where your customers are. Everyone else is one there….why aren’t you?
Sound familiar?

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