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Want to be Awesome? Ultimate tips for your dream LinkedIn profile

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Silhouettes and LinkedIn profileThere are three keys to being successful on LinkedIn.

  1. Getting Found
  2. Finding Others
  3. Participating

And as I explain in my workshops the most important factor when it comes to #1 GETTING FOUND is your PROFILE. If you do not take the time to craft your profile so that you can achieve “All-Star” status then you will never achieve your full potential on LinkedIn. Read More

5 great reasons that will make you happy to join LinkedIn groups

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Forbes magazine recently ran an article that stated 60 percent of LinkedIn users list “groups” as one of their favorite features of the social media professional networking site.

And it’s little wonder. The benefits to anyone in business or the organizational world joining in on these free groups can be tremendous.

And yes, I know, following the major restructuring of groups late last year some of the benefits have disappeared (more about that later in the article), but there are still some great reasons that you should be joining groups in LinkedIn. Read More

Yoda and The Force

How Yoda and the Force might do B2B social media lead generation

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Are you a B2B (business to business) company using social media to help with your marketing and business development? If so, are you happy with the results? If not, then why not?

Much of the material written about using social media for business tends to focus on the business trying to sell a product or service to a consumer.

But social media is also a very effective business development tool for businesses trying to sell their products or services to other businesses. Read More

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Would You Like LinkedIn To Send You New Leads….Every Week?

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Would you like LinkedIn to send new leads right to your inbox, every week? Of course you would. What a crazy statement. Who wouldn’t?
All of us, or at least most of us, want to have more leads. But all too often it can be the weakest link in our marketing  or sales process. It requires too much time, either networking or cold calling or attending trade-shows…and it can also be very frustrating as you try to find those rare qualified prospects. So, whenever we find a tool that can make us more efficient and save us time with our prospecting we really should have a close look at it.

Read More

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How To Become A Pro At Finding The Best LinkedIn Groups

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I am a LinkedIn advocate and evangelist. Why? Because every day I witness what it can do to help people just like you achieve success and accomplish business related goals.

Your LinkedIn profile is one of the most effective online networking tools available. When used to its full potential, it will connect you to more professional business people than any other social platform. When we talk about full potential in networking, we are, of course, talking about maximum exposure. The name of the game is getting found by, and finding, your target audience.

Next to having a fully optimized profile, being a member of the right groups might be the most important exercise you carry out on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Groups are not only a means to locate other professionals in your industry, or areas of interest, but they are also an effective way of finding connections that may provide new opportunities within your target audience. Read More

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5 Critical Mistakes To Avoid on LinkedIn

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Each and every day new professionals join LinkedIn. According to the latest numbers over 40% of the world’s professionals – 350 million – now have a profile on LinkedIn.

As well as being the world’s largest job board it is also becoming the number one marketing tool for those operating in the B2B space. And yet over and over again in my LinkedIn coaching sessions I see the same critical mistakes being repeated time and time again. Here are the top 5. Stay away from these and your effectiveness on LinkedIn will jump dramatically. Read More