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The Importance of Words

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We are taught at a very young age as to how important words are.  Even at the age of 2, my mom was always repeating “Use your words, Steve”.  As we become adults, we forget sometimes how important it is to continue learning and expanding our horizons.  There were many years that I stopped reading non-fiction books, and so stopped learning and growing as an individual and a business owner.  Read More

Personal Growth Starts With You

What Is Your Key To Personal Growth?

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Are you a life long student of personal growth?

I am, but I am far from being a perfect student. I try to eat healthy, get enough sleep, exercise, read positive books and articles and listen to motivational audio recordings. But, I do have a family with teenagers and grandkids, speaking engagements, a consulting business and two full time businesses for which I am responsible. So, as hard as I may try, I am not a perfect student because sometimes life just gets in the way.

Recently, I was thinking back and trying to remember, from the books I have read, seminars I have attended and audio recordings listened to, what one statement had the most profound impact on me in terms of motivating me to continue on my own journey of personal development? Read More