How To Create An Awesome LinkedIn Company Page

Create Something Awesome
Today, more than four million LinkedIn company pages have been created.

For many companies the pages are tremendous vehicles for collecting great leads and building relationships with potential clients. For others, they are a drain on limited resources and never seem to deliver quite what the company is expecting.

The difference is easily explained. Some companies just create and maintain better pages than others.

Start With Research

Just think of your company page like a mini-website that is created in LinkedIn making it easy for other members to find it.

If you want to create the perfect company page on LinkedIn your strategy should start well before you click the “create page” button on their site tutorial.
The perfect page is the one that gets found and delivers value to its readers.

It is also important to remember that your LinkedIn company page will also appear in Google search results. And, because LinkedIn is a popular and trusted website, its company pages rank well in Google and that means people can view your company page without actually logging into LinkedIn. For this reason, you want to make sure your LinkedIn company page is complete and updated frequently with your latest company news and product offerings.

You must also keep in mind that you get found on Google by making good use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Typically, when someone is seeking information online, they search using two or three words on average. Your challenge is to determine which two or three words will lead them to your page.

Don’t guess when you can research this for an accurate result. Use the tool Google Insights.
It will show you the terms people use to locate your industry. Once you figure out the most effective keywords, make sure to use then in the first sentence of your company overview and a few other times strategically throughout your content.

Create value in your content

The content components of the perfect LinkedIn company page start with a well-written overview of what your business does, who it serves and the problems it solves all liberally sprinkled with your keywords.

Keep in mind that Google shows up to 156 characters of your company page on LinkedIn, so make them count. This is how you will get found while others will languish in obscurity.

Avoid boring your readers with long company histories and a lifeless list of options for your services. Be creative and inspirational. Talk about your history in terms of what inspired the founder to create the company and your vision.
Talk about your commitment to value for your clients and if possible, include a short testimonial that illustrates the difference you can make in people’s lives. Think in broad terms. You don’t have to offer brain surgery to give people a new lease on life: they may feel young again driving your cars or wearing your wigs or rejuvenating themselves on your tour of the Amazon.

Be authentic and natural, rather than stilted and corporate.

Think about your page as a way to tell the story of your company, not in terms of presenting an advertisement.
Try to engage your readers by asking them questions or requesting their feedback.
Give them a reason to stay longer by including media like great photos, videos on how to use your products or services, and links to your website and blog.

Your goal is to pique the interest of your reader and make them want to learn more about your firm, since it just might be the solution to their problem. Through gentle education, you encourage them to contact you for even more information.
Remember that 80 per cent of LinkedIn members will connect with a company, so your chances once you are found and offer good content are very high that people will connect with you. Have an efficient strategy in place to follow-up on contacts, to build a trusting relationship with them, and convert them from a connection to a client.

Add variety and other voices to your company page by creating special showcase pages that describe specific aspects of your business. Encourage your employees to post on it as well as this will increase your organic reach exponentially through their networks. Post career opportunities you have available. Link to the corporate pages of any companies you are affiliated with.

Update frequently

Like all social media sites, you cannot create something good and then forget about it. The secret to consistently showing up at the top of the search engines is to keep updating your content, adding keyword appropriate new offerings that bring more readers your way.

On a company page, updates can include news about company expansions or consolidations, sponsorships of charitable events, participation of employees in those events, awards won, new products launched, open house events, special hours over holiday seasons, etc.
There are varying opinions on how often to post on your company page. In my experience it should be a minimum of once per day with 2-3 times daily being the optimum. However, as with any content marketing, the quality and value the content holds to your audience is the key to success, not the quantity of the posts.

Set up a production schedule for your updates, designate who will handle them, and create an editorial calendar of possible updates to coincide with major campaigns and events within your company.

Insert calls to action

Ensure that each part of your company website, from the career corner to your start-up story, contains a call to action. You want people to comment, to contact you, and to buy from you, so you have to make it easy for them to feel invited in. You want to secure their emails and gain their permission so you can follow-up with them and ultimately build relationships and make sales.

In addition to the standard “for more information contact us at …” you can post interesting questions or direct readers to your website with the promise of valuable content downloads there.

Best LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn regularly releases listings of its top company pages, those pages that end up with the most connections and serious attention.
You can find their tips for best practices with Company pages here.

In your quest for your own perfect page, spend some time studying what the most creative companies are doing and start a notebook of ideas that you can realistically adapt to your business. You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel, as the saying goes.
What are you doing on your company page that is working? As always your comments are welcome.

Until next time. Don’t worry. Be Happy.


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