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We are taught at a very young age as to how important words are.  Even at the age of 2, my mom was always repeating “Use your words, Steve”.  As we become adults, we forget sometimes how important it is to continue learning and expanding our horizons.  There were many years that I stopped reading non-fiction books, and so stopped learning and growing as an individual and a business owner.  Now that I’ve rediscovered my love of words, I thought that I would share a word with all of you once a week – My Wednesday Word – my small contribution to keep us all on our journey of learning.  I hope that you find them useful. This will be a regular posting on Wednesday’s on our Facebook Page, which you can find here.

LEADERSHIP – This seemed ideal for my very first word in the series.  Leadership is often thought of as the ability to “lead by virtue of having a position of management”.  However, true leadership is very different from management.  The manager’s job is to plan, organize and coordinate. The leader’s job is to inspire and motivate.  Leaders lead people.  Managers manage tasks.

So are you a leader, or a manager?


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