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Have You Setup Your Profile On LinkedIn and Don’t Know What To Do Next?

  • Do You Feel Like LinkedIn Is A Waste Of Your Time?
  • Have You Reached 500 Connections But Have Never Been Able To Get One Lead?
  • Do You Need Your Time On LinkedIn To Be More Productive?
  • Would You Like Your Profile To Be More Representative Of Your Professional Resume?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then our LinkedIn training and coaching program is for you so let’s talk. Call 905 333 9637 or email to steve at steveloates dot com now for a free complimentary consultation.

We do training with individuals, companies, sales teams and organizations of all sizes each designed with the same goal in mind.

To help you achieve your goals by using LinkedIn as an effective marketing tool.

Some LinkedIn Facts

LinkedIn has over 300 million users and is the largest networking platform for professionals. If you don’t have a presence, a professional looking presence on LinkedIn today then you are definitely losing out on opportunities. Today, LinkedIn is one of the very first places that people go to do research on someone and how you are viewed on LinkedIn is a credibility statement about how they might view you. You can no longer afford to not be seen on LinkedIn. Google yourself and see where your LinkedIn profile comes up in the search results…it will be in the first three….almost guaranteed.

LinkedIn is not a “silver bullet”. It will not cure all of your marketing and networking ills. However, with some knowledge and some effort it can be a very powerful and effective tool in your networking and marketing toolbox in this digital age.

Do I Need To Have A LinkedIn Profile To Begin?

Not at all. We coach all levels of experience and knowledge from beginner to advanced. However, if we are doing a group presentation we try to make sure that we do separate sessions for those at different comfort levels. If that is not possible, then we make sure our presentation is structured in such a way as to provide value for attendees, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced level user.

What Makes Our Program Different?

Because everyone’s needs are different. So, we customize every workshop to meet YOUR needs and goals.

How Do We Do This?

Once you have retained our services we begin with a discovery call where we ask you a number of questions to help us better understand your requirements. We then put together an outline and then we have another conversation and discuss, review and refine the outline. Once YOU are happy with the path we are going to take then we put together our program and presentation customized for you.

What Topics Do You Cover In Every Program?

Although every program is customized for you and your goals there are certain fundamentals that we need to make sure you are comfortable with using. So we do spend time discussing how to build a successful profile, how to effectively build your network, how to stand out from the crowd and some fundamental best practices that everyone needs to do on LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn – (Basic) Getting Started The Right Way

Everyone is telling you that you must be on LinkedIn. But where do you start? What do you do after you have setup your account? In this session, Steve Loates will take you step-by-step through setting up your profile. He will show you how to avoid the most common mistakes people make when setting up their profile and also cover an introduction to Groups and finding the right ones.

LinkedIn – (Advanced) Turning Connections into Clients

LinkedIn is the world’s largest network of professionals and if you are in the B2B sector it should be one of your most important marketing tools. You have a profile, made some connections, joined a group or two…now what? During this workshop, Steve Loates walks you through step-by-step on how to optimize your profile and how to implement easy follow strategies to start turning all of those connections into clients.

What Is The Cost of Your LinkedIn Training?

Because all of our programs are customized it is impossible to give a “one price fits all”. Variables can be degree of customization, size and sophistication of audience, level of follow up and ongoing support requested, etc.

What Is Your Experience On LinkedIn?

I myself have been an active user on LinkedIn since 2009. And over the years have helped hundreds of professionals from different fields such as:

  • Sales and Marketing Teams
  • Recruiters
  • HR Professionals
  • Non-Profit and Volunteer Groups
  • Small Business Owners and Executives
  • Finance Professionals and Accountants

And many more

If you would like to get better results from LinkedIn then call 905 333 9637 or email to steve at steveloates dot com now for a free complimentary consultation.


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