Want To Get Noticed On LinkedIn? Discover SlideShare.


Have you ever heard of SlideShare?  Probably not.  No worries…many people don’t know what it is, let alone how it can help you on LinkedIn. In fact it may be one of the best “well kept” secrets on the Internet. And that means when you do begin using it, the results can be very good for you and your marketing efforts.

Do you spend any time creating PowerPoint presentations? Do you have a library of past presentations just taking up space on your computer’s hard drive?

Then SlideShare may be just what the doctor ordered.

So what exactly is SlideShare, and why should you care?

What is SlideShare?

It has been described by many Internet marketers as the “YouTube for PowerPoint Presentations” – and that may not be very far from the truth.

SlideShare is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations and is one of the top 120 most-visited websites in the world with over 60 million monthly viewers!

It is a web based slide hosting service consisting of more than 15 million presentations. You can upload files either privately, or publicly, and they can be PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF or OpenDocument presentations. These slide decks can then be viewed on the site itself, on mobile devices or embedded in other websites.

But perhaps, the most interesting fact is that it was acquired by LinkedIn in May 2012.

And as the new owner it of course, integrates very nicely with LinkedIn….thank you very much. 🙂

Basically the premise is that SlideShare provides you with the ability to display presentations, PDF’s and videos on your LinkedIn profile. This makes it a powerful tool for marketing your content and your business through your LinkedIn profile.

In fact, it is often referred to as “The Quiet Giant” of Content Marketing.

Why should you use SlideShare?

With those 60 million visitors on SlideShare every month comes the  potential for eye-balls on your presentation – and, from there, possibly to your website.

The main reasons:

  •  SlideShare can also be an SEO force which means improved rankings in the search engines, which translates to more traffic to your website. And more traffic to your website means more potential leads and opportunities. Analytics have shown it can generate tons of traffic.
  • SlideShare content is frequently featured in Google search results (we know that Google loves great quality content) often ranking higher than Facebook or LinkedIn. Again, more potential traffic for your website.
  • SlideShare also auto-transcribes your entire document and puts the text just underneath it. This again, is fantastic for SEO and your keyword optimization practices!
  • Those 60 million monthly visitors generate more than 215 million page views making it an awesome opportunity for businesses of all sizes to create well-designed and useful content to help attract your target audience.
  • The vast majority of people that use SlideShare and LinkedIn are in the B2B sector and they are looking for high quality content.

With the popularity of videos, infographics and gifs, visual content is hotter than ever and, it is not going away anytime in the near future. People are consuming content at an incredible rate and for many of them they would much prefer to see it rather than read about it.

And, if you are like me, you want to make each and every piece of content stretch as far as possible. So, if we are creating the PowerPoint presentations anyway, this is an additional method of re-purposing that content and getting more bang for your buck.

Utilizing SlideShare in your LinkedIn profile can be one important difference in making you stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn.


How should you use SlideShare?

Powerful images are key. We have all heard the saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. And that certainly is true with presentations, where the images can carry a huge impact. I recommend that for maximum effect you should use the most gorgeous imagery you can find with just enough wording to make your point.

Don’t forget to include links inside your presentation to help drive visitors to your website that may otherwise never have found you.

You can also enhance your presentations with the use of video, audio, and an eye-catching design.

Some effective topics for SlideShare are….

  • “How To Guides” as there are many people, myself included, that prefer watching a video or slideshow to reading about how to do something
  • Creating lists such as “Top 10” lists
  • Providing a simple, visual presentation to what may otherwise be a complicated topic to read about


The message matters most. Why should people care about your topic? What do you want them to walk away with? How timely, relevant, and helpful is it? Who are you trying to speak to? The more clearly you can articulate these answers to yourself – before you create a presentation or infographic – the stronger your content will be.

SlideShare can also be used to expand speaking opportunities and thought leadership strategies. If you, or someone in your company has recently spoken to a trade or business group you can use that content to position him or her as a go-to expert, and post the entire presentation to SlideShare.

How it can help you on LinkedIn.

As we have discussed many times, your success on LinkedIn is directly related to the effectiveness of your profile. Since LinkedIn purchased SlideShare in 2012 it has offered substantial integration capabilities into your profile.  Adding “rich media” like video or SlideShare presentations can certainly help to differentiate your profile from the crowd. I can also tell you as a LinkedIn coach, that the use of this “rich media content” is greatly under-utilized on LinkedIn.

SlideShare helps your profile become more visible not only by potentially putting you higher in rankings in the search engines and LinkedIn, but more importantly by providing engaging content your potential audience will want to see when they do reach your profile.

LinkedIn is now the “go-to” social channel where busy professionals can network and educate themselves on industry-related topics. That, in turn, also makes it a great place to promote your SlideShare content.

Any time you post a presentation on LinkedInyou can share it as a status update in both your personal profile, company page as well as the groups of which you are a member.


Most companies spend their time looking for new customers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest, fighting for that prime spot in someone’s news feed. But SlideShare users don’t participate in that battle. They face less competition for their viewers’ attention.

SlideShare is often an overlooked gem that will help to show your potential connections, clients etc. that you are a thought leader in your industry. It can be  a very inexpensive way to create professional presentations and reach a wide audience while building high quality links and traffic.

My purpose with this post is not to show you “How To” setup your SlideShare and optimize your presentation. In fact, there is a great article here, by Penny Fox, on how to do just that. My goal is to provide you with another channel to get yourself noticed, and possibly re-purpose some content that you are already creating.

Have you used SlideShare? What kind of results did you get? Let us know…. we would love to hear from you. Until next time.


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