Would You Like LinkedIn To Send You New Leads….Every Week?

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Would you like LinkedIn to send new leads right to your inbox, every week? Of course you would. What a crazy statement. Who wouldn’t?
All of us, or at least most of us, want to have more leads. But all too often it can be the weakest link in our marketing  or sales process. It requires too much time, either networking or cold calling or attending trade-shows…and it can also be very frustrating as you try to find those rare qualified prospects. So, whenever we find a tool that can make us more efficient and save us time with our prospecting we really should have a close look at it.

And LinkedIn has such a tool and it is called “Saved Searches”. I can tell you that it is always a hot topic that gets lots of attention during my LinkedIn workshop training sessions.

Saved Searches combined with another of LinkedIn’s most powerful tools, advanced search, can save you countless hours of prospecting. If you spend time doing any type of targeted business development on LinkedIn you will wonder how you ever lived without it.
Advanced LinkedIn people search
The link to Advanced Search can be found just to the right of the search box at the top of the page. LinkedIn Advanced Search gives you the ability to target the type of individual you are looking to approach using a combination of keywords, job title, company, location, industry and many other filters. This filtering ability alone can save you hours of time when you are trying to target a specific audience. You can continue to refine and narrow it down until you have the exact parameters you need. For example, let’s say the service you provide is of benefit to managers in the hospitality industry. To begin, simply enter manager AND hotel in the keyword box (to learn more about Boolean and Advanced search on LinkedIn check out a previous post here), if needed, narrow it down further by your target location and check off the box under Industry for “Hospitality”. Click on the Search button and voila! You have a list of targeted opportunities.
You now have your starting list. But there is more. Now the real magic can begin.
You can save your search. This amazing feature can be found at the top right of the search results, beside the gear icon.  Once you have saved it you can then run this search again whenever you need it just by going back to “Saved Searches” and re-running it.
Linkedin Saved search
However, the great time-saver here is that you can set it to automatically send you an email (if you want to) to keep you informed of any new people who match your search criteria. Unbelievable! You can set it for every week or every month, whichever you prefer, and away you go. New potential leads and opportunities delivered right to your inbox by LinkedIn!
And you don’t need a premium account to make use of this amazing feature. Currently you can have 3 saved searches and the number increases depending upon whatever premium account you decide upon.
One note, LinkedIn will deactivate your Saved Searches after 12 weekly or 12 monthly emails if you have not clicked on your saved searches.
So, what are you waiting for….start saving those searches and those emails will begin coming into your inbox.
I hope you find this helpful….just one more reason we need to love LinkedIn.


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